Dr. Velvet’s commitment
to leading edge veterinary
medicine combined with
her unmatched love and
passion for what she calls
"our other family
members" make her one
of the most trusted
and sought-after
veterinarians in the
Pacific southwest

Dr. Velvet is a trusted veterinarian with a passion for the pets she treats and the families they share their lives with. Growing up in Wisconsin, Dr. Velvet was the kid who brought home every stray or injured animal she found and she has been caring for them ever since.

She is dedicated to providing expert care for pets, and determined to provide accurate information about their care to their families. Dr. Velvet has a special interest in stem cell regenerative medicine.

Dr. Velvet never grew out of that kid who takes in animals in need, and that is how she came to share her life with 9 cats, 3 dogs and a tortoise.


Dr. Velvet is the most kind and compassionate veterinarian I have ever met. I know that her heart feels love for each and every pet she meets. Making sure they live a long, healthy and happy life is what she strives for. ”

- Amy M.,