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I did research on stem cell therapy and found that MediVet was the best company, so  I asked them for the recommended veterinarians in my area.  I interviewed a few, and selected Dr. Velvet.  Murphy, our Irish Wolfhound, is an important member of our family.  Not only did Murphy do well with the stem cell therapy, he loved going to the clinic! We could not have been more pleased with Dr. Velvet. 
She is intelligent, dedicated, and truly loves animals.  She had done extensive research in stem cell therapy and believes in the benefits.  Even though the office is about an hour from our home, it is worth the drive.  Without her, Murphy would have had to be put down due to his injuries and inability to walk. 

~Vicki B.

Dr. Velvet is kind, caring and very interested in doing the right things for my pet and me. 
She is an open minded progressive thinker, always looking for a better solution. 

~Dave S.

Dr. Velvet is the most kind and compassionate veterinarian I have ever met. 
I know that her heart feels love for each and every pet she meets.  Making sure
they live a long, healthy and happy life is what she strives for.

~Amy M.

Dr. Velvet is an outstanding veterinarian.  She has a very strong knowledge base, keeps up to date with
advancements in the field of veterinary medicine and has a deep respect for the animals in her care. 
I once heard someone describe her connection with the animals she treats as 'intuitive' and 'exquisite'. 
I agree!  As a single woman, my pets are my family. When it comes to the
health and wellbeing of my family, I always choose Dr. Velvet. 

~Elle S.

Dr. Velvet stands out as a veterinarian who truly puts her heart and soul into her profession. 
She has lovingly cared for my cat and dog over the last 13 years.  I trust
her completely with the health of my family pets

~Rob C.

Dr. Velvet has a gentle touch when it comes to our family cat, Marvin.  Marvin gets stressed when he has
to leave the house, and Dr. Velvet does her best to soothe his anxiety.  She truly connects with Marvin
on a level many people do not understand.  Marvin may not like going to the animal hospital,
but he trusts Dr. Velvet and so do we. 

~Mary S.

I so appreciate the loving and compassionate care Dr. Velvet gave to my precious cat Sterling and
will be forever grateful.  Her dedication and love of all her "furry family" is so heartfelt. 
Thank you for being that "second Mom" to my kitties....they feel your love too!

~Carol H.